What’s a Teardrop Trailer?

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Teardrop trailers are small, classic RVs that are easy to tow and provide a comfortable place to sleep while on the road. Their aerodynamic design and compact size make them a great alternative to larger, more expensive RVs. They typically have room for two sleeping bunkers, a tiny kitchenette, and storage space. While their popularity declined with the rise of larger RVs, interest in vintage trailer design has led to the production of new and improved teardrop trailers. They are an affordable and easy-to-maintain option for camping and road trips.

Teardrop trailers are classic RVs dating back to the early 20th century. Compact yet functional, a teardrop trailer is small enough to be pulled by almost any motor vehicle, yet large enough to provide a comfortable place to sleep while on the road. Such a trailer is a great alternative to the more expensive RV options available today.

The trailer’s fancy name is indicative of the general shape of the trailer’s shell. With a body that looks like a single teardrop turned on its side and mounted on wheels, the teardrop trailer works very well for weekend camping trips and field trips. An advantage of the unusual body design is the aerodynamic qualities of the trailer. Because of the graceful lines, a teardrop trailer doesn’t create much in the way of wing lag when on the open road.

Most models of this type of camping trailer are intentionally built to be compact and easy to use. Typically, the body did not rise higher than five feet or 1.52 meters, while the length usually did not exceed ten feet or 3.05 meters. Because the teardrop trailer is relatively small and light, virtually any car or truck can tow the device with ease and it won’t have a big impact on your average gas mileage.

Inside the trailer, the traditional design allows room for two sleeping bunkers and room to store clothes, camping gear and other dry items. A tiny kitchenette is located outside the trailer, hidden under a hatch. Over the years the kitchen section has undergone changes that make the trailer even more user friendly. Since the teardrop trailer is equipped with water and power hookups, you can use a small kitchen and oven for cooking, as well as enjoy running water for washing dishes and other activities.

Teardrop trailers were extremely popular from the 1930s through the mid-1960s. As larger RV models with more amenities have become affordable, production of the teardrop trailer has declined significantly. However, interest in vintage trailer design began to grow in the 1990s when DIY plans for building trailers appeared online. Soon, manufacturers were offering new and improved teardrop trailers as well as prefabricated assembly kits. Consumers today often view the trailer as an ideal travel option when the larger RV is not desirable.

As in the past, the teardrop trailer is an affordable and relatively inexpensive way to enjoy camping and different types of road trips. The simple, compact design makes it easy to store the trailer when not in use. Best of all, today’s trailers are very easy to maintain, meaning the consumer is likely to get many years of service before replacement is needed.

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