What’s a Tennis Ball Hopper?

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A tennis ball hopper is a wire or metal basket used to collect and store tennis balls during training sessions. It has handles that can also serve as legs, making it easy to collect balls without bending over. It comes in different sizes and can hold up to 100 tennis balls. It is available at sporting goods retailers and pro tennis shops.

A tennis ball hopper is a device used to collect tennis balls that have come to rest on a court. They can be especially useful when dozens of balls are lying around during a training session. The hopper makes it easy to collect and reuse these balls. They can be easily found at sporting goods retailers and pro tennis shops that sell tennis accessories.
The tennis ball hopper usually consists of a wire or metal basket that is used as the basic storage areas for the balls. A removable top allows access for those using the balls, but can also be closed with a latch to prevent spills. The hopper also usually includes a pair of handles, usually at least half the length of an average sized person. Usually, the handles can also serve as legs so that the basket is at a convenient level when you take out the balls.

The main benefit of the hopper is its ability to collect balls without having to bend over to pick them up. The user simply takes them by the handle. The spaces in the bottom of the hopper are spaced far enough apart that tennis balls can slide through the bottom and into the basket with just a little pressure, but won’t slide back out. Therefore, the balls can be collected by simply placing the tennis ball container on top of the balls and pressing down lightly.

Most ball pickers will work with standard size tennis balls. Some leagues and coaches may use slightly larger balls in tennis practice and matches. It may or may not be possible to use those larger balls with a hopper, depending on the model.

Once collected, the hopper can be used to store tennis balls or be used as a practice aid. The hopper’s ability to get up is useful for those who are serving and will need many balls every minute. For coaches who want to watch their pupils’ shots rather than worry about where to get the ball next, it can also be convenient.

Ball hoppers are sometimes called ball baskets and come in a variety of sizes. Cost often depends on the size of tennis ball hopper you select, but most of the smaller entry-level models start around $30 US Dollars (USD). Commonly, ball bins come in sizes that can hold up to 50, 75, or 100 tennis balls.

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