What’s a trade game?

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Negotiation games require players to negotiate to solve a dilemma or problem. They can be played in various formats and are used for recreational games, team building exercises, and negotiation training. Many internet sites offer exercises to build negotiation games for groups.

A negotiation game is a game in which players must negotiate to move the game forward and bring it to a final conclusion, ideally by solving a dilemma or problem presented at the beginning of the game. Trading games may not have clear winners and losers, depending on how the game is structured, and can be designed in a number of formats including live role-playing games, board games, card games, and so on. Many stores that sell stock games offer trading games, and people can even design their own.

Some people just like to use trading games in recreational games. These games require strategy by both individual players and a group, and it can be a fun challenge to try to “win” the game by working with or against other players. These games also tend to accommodate large groups, which can make them good for parties. The negotiation game structure can also accommodate younger and less experienced players as long as other players are willing to help them, at least for the first few rounds.

Negotiation games are also used as team building exercises. Gaming can break down barriers between people, and when gaming requires people to work together and coordinate their efforts, it can help build bonds between team members. A negotiation game might be used at a conference or other event as an icebreaker exercise. Using negotiation strategies can also help people hone skills that can be useful in contexts such as the business world, where the ability to negotiate is the key to success.

People taking a negotiation course may also have the opportunity to play negotiation games to practice their skills. These games also integrate a dynamic aspect into the training so that people have the opportunity to interact with others and to learn by doing as well as learning from lessons, texts and demonstrations. Some people find this makes learning easier and can grasp the course material more quickly when they are allowed to apply it immediately in a negotiation game.

Many Internet sites have exercises that can be used to build a negotiation game for a team or group. These include exercises specifically described as negotiation games along with things that are designed to engage a whole group of people in an activity that integrates negotiation. Many of these games are easy to teach and learn, allowing players to start practicing right away.

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