What’s a van?

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Grab trucks have a retractable arm with a grab hook or jaw for construction, sanitation, and logging. Loader and body systems and grapple loaders have a payload area, while rear-mounted clamp loaders require another vehicle for hauling materials.

A grab truck is a specially designed vehicle featuring a retractable and often articulated arm with a grab hook or jaw on one end for use in construction and sanitation. These trucks are also often used in logging, as they are useful for grabbing items and transporting them short distances. A grab truck will often feature a payload area, such as a bed or dump attachment, and heavy or bulky items picked up with the grab hook can be loaded into the rear of the truck for transport.

A loader and body system is a type of grab truck that features the boom arm and payload area for transport. The arm is often mounted behind the cab of the truck, between the cab and the container, although it can also be mounted to the rear of the truck behind the container or payload. The boom arm can reach either side of the truck, and a grab or bucket can pick up bulky items. Those items can be loaded into the container for transportation. This is one of the most common pickup truck models.

A variation on the loader and body system is the grapple loader, which also features a payload area. However, the container in this payload area can be released from the truck chassis when it is full. This is done by using a cable system that moves the container and a lift system that will tilt the container towards the ground. This system allows an empty container to be loaded onto the forklift, and when that container is full, it can be quickly and easily unloaded, and then replaced with another empty container.

Rear-mounted clamp loader units are basically units mounted solely on a truck, rather than featuring clamp area and payload. The grab system can be operated with a larger area of ​​operation, which means it can grab items to the rear of the truck, as well as the sides. This type of grapple truck must be used in conjunction with another vehicle, such as a dump truck, which can haul the materials being moved by the grapple. In some cases, a trailer can be mounted to the rear-mounted grapple truck to allow materials to be loaded onto the trailer, but this again reduces the effective area the hook can operate over because the rear of the truck It will be blocked by the trailer.

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