What’s a Vegan Burger?

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Vegan burgers are patties that meet the vegan criteria for content. They can be made from beans, tofu, tempeh, seitan, or portobello mushrooms. Commercial brands are also available from companies such as Boca, Gardenburger, and Morningstar Farms.

A vegan is a specific type of vegetarian who does not use any animal products for food or often for other purposes. A hamburger is a cooked patty, served alone or on a bun, and made from ingredients that have been chopped or have a texture that allows them to shape. A vegan burger is any cooked patty that meets the vegan criteria for content. Vegan burgers can be classified based on the main ingredient or ingredients used in the patties. There are a few standard types that are often made in-house by vegans, as well as commercial brands available.

Some vegan burgers are mostly made with beans. Black beans are the preferred choice. Lentils are also popular, as are chickpeas. Often cooked, cooked, drained and mashed beans are combined with breadcrumbs and an egg substitute product, combined with spices and seasonings, and sauteed or grilled. Beans can also be combined with corn and/or other vegetables, such as carrots or potatoes.

Tofu is another popular vegan burger mainstay. It is often mashed with onion, some flour and seasonings, and fried. You can also add carrots and oats or peanuts. Shredded tempeh can even make a burger when combined with bread crumbs, wheat gluten, and some flavorful moisturizers, like HP sauce.

As an alternative to tofu, the wheat-based meat substitute, seitan, can also be used. It is often combined with breadcrumbs, spices and some tomato products to help hold the patty together. Another popular non-bean fix is ​​a cap of stuffed grilled portobello mushrooms with vegan burger fixings on top of it.

Commercial vegan burgers are produced by several companies. Boca offers soy products including Original Vegan Burger and Vegan Burgers Made with Organic Soy. Gardenburger sells GardenVegan patties that feature bulghur wheat, modified wheat protein, and brown rice as the main ingredients. Morningstar Farms Grillers Vegan Veggie Burgers get their protein primarily from textured soy protein concentrate. Ope’s offers two choices, each slightly different from those already mentioned: One combines soy protein with brown rice, oats, carrots, and chopped beans; the other is a soy protein fusion with brown rice oats and chopped carrots and black beans.

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