What’s a Vertical Reamer?

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Vertical rolling mills punch holes in metal. Boring machines are used for accurate drilling and honing engine cylinders. CNC milling machines are required for high-quality products. Vertical boring machines can also drill holes in a sequence, re-machine bearings, and repair engine parts.

A vertical rolling mill is a machine used to punch holes in metal, usually iron or steel. They are very similar to a typical milling machine, where the workpiece is held stationary and the milling tools rotate at a high speed. These tools are very similar to the drill bits on a drill press and come in many different shapes and sizes to fit a variety of applications. A router, however, primarily uses reaming bits to drill vertical holes in metal. Boring machines are typically used to drill holes or machine the cylinders of an engine block.

When it comes to drilling holes in certain metal parts, sometimes a drill press is inadequate for the job. This is because some parts are made from thick metal, where longer holes are required. In other circumstances, many holes need to be drilled, resulting in the need for accurate drilling. While performing some of these tasks on a drill press is certainly possible, vertical boring machines are often employed for projects with such requirements. Sometimes, when it comes to accurate boring, a computer numerically controlled (CNC) vertical milling machine is often required to deliver a high quality product.

Another common use for vertical boring machines is honing engine cylinders. Honing is a process where any imperfections from the inside walls of a cylinder are removed by a high speed tool. After many years of service, most engines need to be rebuilt or completely replaced. One of the major problems found in many worn engines is cylinder wall wear, which results from the wear created by the rapid reciprocating motion of the pistons, along with small deposits left behind by the lubricating oil. The vertical mills repair the walls of the cylinders by removing a very small layer of metal, which removes any imperfections and gives the walls a new surface.

Cylinder boring can also take other forms, where a repair is not as simple as redoing the cylinder walls. Sometimes, a cylinder in an engine block will be damaged beyond repair and replacement of the cylinder wall is required. Instead of replacing the entire cylinder block, a router can drill through the damaged wall. Next, a new cast sleeve is inserted into the newly drilled hole, creating a completely new cylinder wall.

While a frequently performed process, a vertical boring machine can perform many other tasks than honing the barrel. Some of these include drilling holes in a certain sequence for a part or re-machining the inside of a bearing. Boring machines can also create or repair many other parts found in engines, making it a very useful tool for machine shops.

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