What’s a WAG Bag®?

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The WAG bag® is a portable waste attenuation and gelling bag for disposing of human waste in outdoor environments. It works with a double bag system and contains a gelling powder that neutralizes odor and accelerates the decay process. It is lightweight, easy to use, and can be disposed of in any trash container. It is also environmentally friendly and can be used in camping vehicles or even at home during plumbing emergencies.

For those who love to spend their weekends outdoors, carrying a WAG bag® or two with them is a great idea. More properly known as a waste attenuation and gelling bag, the purpose of the device is to provide a sanitary way to dispose of human waste when a functioning toilet is not available. Here is some insight into how the WAG® Bag works and how the bags can be used in a range of travel and outdoor environments.

The WAG bag® works with a double bag system. All components of the WAG® bag are made of high quality puncture resistant materials. The outer bag has a secure top zip that creates an airtight seal when in the closed position. The internal WAG bag® contains a gelling powder which is usually called Pooh Powder. This powder immediately begins to gel the waste while neutralizing the odor. The components of Pooh Powder are non-toxic and are highly biodegradable. One benefit of using a WAG® bag containing this powder is that the decay process is accelerated, with both the bag and the waste decomposing completely within a few months. Perfectly hygienic, neither the powder nor the WAG® bag contain any kind of perfume, so people with allergies can use the bags with confidence.

The WAG bag® is an excellent item to include with any type of hiking or camping gear. The bags weigh next to nothing and will easily slip into a backpack. Using a WAG® bag does not require any special equipment. For people who prefer to take a camping vehicle with them, the WAG® bag can be used in conjunction with any of the foldable toilets on the market today, or even an RV toilet that does not have a water source to flush . In addition to being a great addition to backpacking and camping gear, the WAG® Bag can be useful around the house. If a plumbing emergency forces you to turn off the water for a while, the WAG® Bag can also easily be used with a home toilet.

When disposing of a WAG® bag, the airtight construction makes it perfectly safe to throw the bags into any trash container. Once in landfill, the bags and their contents will degrade completely in about eight months, leaving no chemical residues that pollute the environment. As a safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly way to deal with waste treatment while enjoying the outdoors, the WAG® bag is a great solution.

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