What’s a Wax Comb?

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A wax comb is a tool used to texturize or remove wax from a surfboard. It has teeth on one edge and a flat surface on the other. It can be used to scrape long lines into the wax or remove wax from the board. Multifunctional wax combs may have additional tools like a wrench or bottle opener. They are cheap and sold in most surf shops. Without a wax comb, sand or a hard, straight edge can be used for maintenance.

A wax comb is a type of surfing equipment that is used to texturize or remove a wax coating on a surfboard. It will usually look like a scallop on one edge and have a straight surface on another edge. Some wax combs also come with other built-in tools. These are pretty cheap and generally very easy to get. While this tool isn’t necessary, it can make maintaining your surfboard much easier.

Most wax combs are square. One edge of a wax comb has teeth that resemble a regular comb. Another edge is usually flat and may have a plastic scraper device.

Surfers apply wax coatings to their surfboards to keep them from sliding off. The wax should be textured, however, for best results. To structure the wax surface, the wax comb can be used to scrape long lines into the wax. Most surfers accomplish this by dragging the edge of this tool’s comb along the top of the board, creating a diagonal criss-cross pattern.

There are times when a surfboard’s wax coating may need to be removed. This is typically needed when applying a new coat of wax or when the old wax coat gets dirty. To remove wax using a wax comb, surfers usually drag the flat side of the tool across the surface of the board. This action scrapes off most of the wax, leaving a clean board.

Multifunctional wax combs have one or more additional tools. These can have built-in dummy keys, for example. This wrench is very similar to a screwdriver and can be used to remove fins attached to a surfboard. A bottle opener is another common tool found on these devices.

A surfer can get a wax comb pretty easily. Most surf shops sell these tools, and the basic versions usually cost no more than a couple of dollars. They are also commonly given away with shorts.
Without a wax comb, surfboard maintenance might be a little more difficult or time-consuming, but it’s not impossible. To roughen the texture of the wax coating on a surfboard without a wax comb, the board can be scrubbed with sand. This is generally done after the board has been left in the sun for a short time. To remove layers of wax, any hard, straight edge is usually fine. A credit card or driver’s license is commonly used for this purpose.

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