What’s a Zip Line?

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A zipline is a cable between two points that people and goods can travel on. It is used for transportation and recreation and can be called a slide of death, aerial runway, or flying fox. Safety gear is recommended, and ziplines can vary in size and range. They can be used to cross rivers, canyons, and forests and can create tourist attractions. Ziplines can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

A zipline is a means of transportation for people and goods that can also be used for recreational purposes. Ziplines are created by threading a very strong cable between two points and attaching a pulley to the cable. To use the zipline, people grab or hook onto the pulley and launch themselves, traveling quickly across the line to the other side. You can also hook buckets or baskets onto the pulley for miscellaneous goods.

You may also see a zipline called a slide of death, an aerial runway, or a flying fox, among many other things, and is also written in some regions without the hyphen, as a zipline. The size and range of ziplines around the world vary widely, from simple backyard ziplines designed to be safe enough for children to very tall and long professional ziplines used in locations where other methods of transportation are impractical.

In some regions of the world, people use a zip line to cross a river, canyon or section of forest. In this case, the zipline is usually quite high up, to avoid hitches, and could be very long. These ziplines are useful for people living in remote regions, as well as researchers and outdoor adventurers. In places like the rainforest, in addition to being used for transportation, such zip lines can also create a tourist attraction, as it can be great fun zipping through the forest at high speed, capturing the sights. Rope courses and orienteering challenges often also have zip lines, of various lengths and heights.

For safety reasons, people are generally encouraged to wear harnesses and helmets when using a zip line, to reduce the risk of falling and to protect them in the event of a fall. Many companies make specialized pulleys and harnesses for ziplines with safety in mind. Some of these systems have built-in brakes, to stop at the other end of the zipline; in other cases people may rely on very thick gloves or plugs in the zip line itself.

Using a zipline can be quite exciting, especially if it’s a long one, as people can build up quite a lot of steam, traveling very quickly along the zipline. Since ziplines come in a wide range of lengths and heights, it’s possible for people of all ages to enjoy themselves, from small children who might prefer a short, low zipline in their backyard to seasoned adventurers who want something a little more exciting.

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