What’s Airsoft?

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Airsoft is a safe and fun combat sport that originated in Japan in the late 1970s. It involves teams battling each other using airsoft guns that fire small pellets. The game is typically played in wooded areas and can last most of the day. Airsoft equipment is manufactured in countries such as China and Japan and can be purchased online.

As a type of fighting game that is considered relatively safe and fun, airsoft has a loyal following in many places around the world. Here are some basic airsoft facts, including some tips on how to prepare for a game.

Airsoft had its beginnings in Japan in the late 1970s. Thought to be an example of a combat sport that required relatively little preparation but was able to keep the participants entertained for several hours, the sport quickly began to catch on and is now found in many places in North America and Europe. Airsoft enthusiasts tend to organize clubs that are referred to as reunions and often structure their games along military lines. However, there are airsoft meetups that specialize in reenactments of famous battles, as well as some meetups that provide choreographed simulations for the wider community.

Much like the popular game of paintball, airsoft is structured along the lines of one military unit battling another team. While the handguns and rifles used as part of the sport look very similar to the real thing, they are configured to fire small airsoft pellets that will bounce harmlessly off the individual. Typically, when a player is hit by an airsoft bullet, they are expected to voluntarily declare themselves dead and thus out of the game. Once all members of a team have been eliminated or the remaining ones choose to surrender, the game is considered over.

In most cases, airsoft takes place in a wooded area or some other terrain that requires plenty of cover opportunities and the use of strategies to capture and eliminate the other team from the game. Participants tend to dress in clothing not unlike military attire and may use camouflage clothing as part of the strategy. The typical airsoft game can last most of the day, especially if the participants are experienced airsoft players. However, there are some airsoft variants where there is a specified start and end time for the game. When this is the case, the team with the most “live” members is considered the winner.

Airsoft weapons and ammunition are still largely manufactured in countries such as China, Taiwan and Japan. Generally, these products are processed through independent distributors in countries where airsoft has gained some popularity. There are also a number of online retail sites that stock airsoft equipment, including camouflage clothing and accessories.

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