What’s an audiocast?

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Audiocasts are digital audio content available on the internet, often in the form of podcasts. They can be listened to on a computer or downloaded to a portable device. Audiocasts can also be used by bloggers to attract more visitors and listed in directories for easy access. Another form of audiocasting uses telephones for special presentations or lectures.

An audiocast is a generic name given to digital audio content. An audiocast is usually available, distributed or listened to on the Internet. Listeners can sit and listen to an audiocast while sitting at their computer, or they can choose to download the audiocast to a portable device such as an mp3 player. Downloading the audiocasts to a portable device means that listeners can take the audiocasts with them and listen to them wherever they choose, despite the lack of availability of a computer.

Audiocasts can come in several forms of streaming audio. However, one of the best known forms is the podcast. Listeners can choose to automatically download podcasts as they become available on websites, or they can choose to manually download a select few. The latter option is a desirable alternative for those who are only interested in listening to a specific audiocast, want to save memory on their computer or portable device, or simply don’t want to invest in a podcast subscription which can sometimes cost money. When podcasts are offered by website owners, their frequency may vary, but website owners usually make a new podcast available every week to supplement or expand the content on their websites.

Bloggers can include audiocasts as part of their blogs. Using this technology usually results in the accumulation of more listeners and more blog visitors. The inclusion of audiocasts can help with blog marketing, as many blogs use text-only content and offering audiocasts can attract visitors. Audiocasts can be listed in directories that potential listeners can access after searching for keywords. Audiocast descriptions may include the identity of the recorder or the theme of the audiocast, industry or related topic, and basic Internet searches may direct potential listeners to a website through the use of phrases describing accurately the content of the audiocasts.

A lesser-known form of audiocasting is one that uses telephones. Schools, businesses and organizations can use streaming audio during a special presentation or lecture. When they choose to use audiocasts to facilitate availability for remote participants, they can require listeners to access the presentation using a toll-free number and a special PIN code. Participant lines can be muted to protect the presentation from interruptions or other disturbances. Additional presentation materials, such as paper documents or digital media, can be mailed or emailed to attendees so attendees have visuals to refer to during the presentation.

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