What’s an auto rotisserie?

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An automatic rotisserie suspends a car body off the ground, allowing for easy access to all parts for repair and restoration. It features swivel supports, heavy gauge steel frames, and adjustable height options. It is a safer and more efficient alternative to using jack stands.

When repairing or restoring the body of a car, it is often necessary to access the undercarriage, top, sides, front and rear at any point in the process. An automatic rotisserie is often used by professionals and hobbyists alike to keep the body of the vehicle off the ground and to turn easily. This makes it possible to sand, fill, repair and paint the car body without having to support the body and crawl under it, or squeeze large pieces of equipment into tighter places. An automatic rotisserie is usually made of high-quality steel.

This device is essentially a frame that suspends the body of the car off the ground. The rotisserie will usually feature two swivel supports that allow the body to rotate easily; This means that a person working on the car can repair one area of ​​the body and then quickly and easily rotate the body to continue the repair process on another part of the body. The frame of the rotisserie must be strong enough to support the often heavy weight of the car body, so it is usually made from a heavy gauge steel. The device is also likely to feature wheels that make moving the spit and body of the car much easier.

Some rotisserie models are fixed-height units, while others are adjustable. Adjustable units are likely to be more expensive, but will accommodate a wider variety of vehicles. Almost all units will feature 360 ​​degree auto body rotation so that the user can access all parts of the vehicle body when needed. After the body is rotated to the desired position, the frame can be locked into place so the body doesn’t move while the job is done.

The most common alternate method of using an automatic rotisserie is to support your body on jack stands. This is a much less expensive method, but accessing the underbody of the car can be quite difficult, especially when using bulkier equipment. A user may need to slide onto their back to access the underside of the vehicle, which can be dangerous, especially when using equipment such as saws, grinders, and welders that can spark. The process of correctly positioning the vehicle body on jack stands can also be difficult, and some types of work will not be possible when the vehicle body is supported on the stands.

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