What’s an Avocado Slicer?

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An avocado slicer is a kitchen tool that makes cutting and peeling avocados easier, with minimal mess. They are available in plastic or metal and can be used on avocados of all sizes. Avocados are technically berries and can be ripened with bananas or refrigerated to halt the process.

An avocado slicer is a kitchen tool designed to make cutting and peeling avocados easier. These tasty fruits can be difficult and messy to manage in the kitchen, especially when they are extremely ripe. Using an avocado slicer ensures that all edible flesh is removed, with minimal mess. Many kitchen supply stores sell avocado slicers, and the tools are also available by special order. You can also try searching for “avocado slicer” on your favorite kitchen supply website.

Both plastic and metal are used to make avocado slicers. The basic construction remains the same. An avocado tape has a long handle attached to a rounded blade. A small set of plastic blades or wires are mounted inside the blade. After an avocado has been halved and pitted, the avocado slicer can be dragged inside the peel, neatly cutting avocado slices as well and also separating the fruit from the peel. An avocado slicer is designed with great flexibility, so it can be used on avocados of all sizes.

Once sliced, the avocado can be used in that form on salads and other dishes, or it can be further chopped for specific purposes. Using an avocado slicer also helps loosen the flesh for guacamole, avocado soup, and other dishes in which the fruit will ultimately be cremated or pureed. After use, the avocado slicer should be washed and dried immediately if it is made of metal to avoid rust. Many plastic avocado slicers are dishwasher safe, or they can be washed with regular dishes and placed in a dishwasher.

The avocado tree is native to Central and South America. It produces black to green fruit of various sizes, depending on the cultivar. Technically, avocados are considered berries by botanical classification, but most consumers think of them as a fruit or perhaps a vegetable. They are distinguished by a thick, creamy flesh with a distinctive flavor that many consumers are very fond of. Avocados also tend to be expensive, so using an avocado slicer ensures that every possible edible part of the fruit is extracted.

Avocados will ripen off the tree and indeed usually fall off the tree before they ripen in the wild. They have rough skins that start out a grassy green and mature to a deep blackish green. To speed up the ripening of avocados, they can be stored with bananas, which emit ethylene gas, a ripening agent. Ripening can also be halted by keeping avocados refrigerated until ready to use. When selecting avocados for eating, look for uniformly colored specimens that droop slightly when mashed, but don’t feel mushy.

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