What’s an event recorder?

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Event recorders collect data for analysis in various settings, from medical evaluations to transportation accidents. They must be accurate and tamper-resistant, storing data such as speed, direction, and audio recordings. They are used in investigations and employee evaluations.

An event recorder is a device that records information that can be used in event analysis. Event recorders are used in a variety of settings, from cardiac patient evaluations to accident investigation involving aircraft. Some people may use the term “event recorder” to refer specifically to a rail event recorder, a device installed on trains that works much like the flight data recorder or “black box” used on airplanes.

Since the information in an event recorder can be used in a legal investigation, a court of law, or the medical treatment of a patient, in the case of Holter monitors worn by cardiac patients, the device must be highly accurate. It also needs to resist tampering. Transportation event recorders, such as those used on ships, planes, and trains, are designed in such a way that it is very difficult to tamper with the information stored in the recorder, and when the information is tampered with, it is easy to detect the signs of tampering.

A typical transportation event recorder collects a variety of data including speed, direction of travel, and altitude, in the case of an aircraft. The event recorder also monitors electrical and communication systems, takes notes of recently entered commands into the system and the system’s responses to those commands, and can also record audio from operators. The storage method varies, depending on the company that makes the recorder, and event recorders may be designed to overwrite old data, or the data may be stored until deleted.

One of the classic uses of a transportation event recorder is in the investigation of an incident or accident. The event recorder is a highly reliable and impartial witness who can provide investigators with a great deal of information about the circumstances surrounding the event, the actions taken by the people involved, and what happened during the event. Event recorders can be used to discover signs of negligence or improper operation, or to reveal that an accident was really an accident, caused by something like a freak occurrence that disabled systems on the train, plane, or ship.

Event recorders are also sometimes used in employee evaluations, to monitor employees, or in ongoing investigations of employees believed to be negligent. For example, a metro authority could use event recorders to prove that drivers are not operating trains in accordance with company policy and safety regulations, using this data to retrain troubled employees or fire employees. employees who have already been warned about their activities at work.

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