What’s an Iron Rod?

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Iron rods, or rebar, are used to reinforce concrete in construction projects. Iron is a natural element that must go through a reduction process to become pure. Wrought iron is a soft metal that can be worked by hand, but is expensive to produce and mostly made from recycled scrap.

An iron rod is a piece of iron used primarily in heavy construction projects. The reinforced concrete is interwoven with iron rods, also called rebar, to reinforce the tension of the construction. You can purchase an iron rod with or without a ribbed design. Building iron rods are mostly used in building or construction projects, but a wrought iron rod can be used in various types of decorative art projects.

Iron is one of the 92 basic elements that are considered “natural” in the sense that they are not man-made; iron is identified by the symbol “Fe” and has atomic number 26. It is almost never found in pure iron form, although pure iron meteorites have been found. Iron is usually mined in the form of oxidized iron ore or sulfide. Iron ore must go through a reduction process to be transformed into a pure metallic state. This reduction process basically strips the oxygen out of the mineral and makes it pure.

Wrought iron is a fibrous, soft and easily workable metal. It has a grainy appearance, almost like wood. The word “worked” basically means “worked”. Blacksmithing is a form of working iron and steel using what is called a forging process. Forging is started by heating the wrought iron or steel rod and then working it with a hammer and other tools to bend, cut, and flatten the iron rod into the desired shape.

Wrought iron is produced using a process known as casting. The smelting operation involves heating the iron ore with coal. At a suitable temperature, the carbon mixes with oxygen and comes out of the iron as a gas. The remaining iron and slag are then removed while still hot. They are worked with a hammer, which works the iron into a firm mass and expels the slag.

Wrought iron is so expensive to produce that it is no longer produced on a large scale; real wrought iron is now mostly used in conservation to keep historic sites authentic, and the iron is formed from recycled scrap. Most items considered wrought iron in the early 21st century are actually made from mild steel. It is still called wrought iron because it is still worked by hand. Before the transition to mild steel, wrought iron was used to make nails, rivets, chains, nuts, bolts, and ornamental ironwork.

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