What’s an online interview?

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An online job interview can be conducted through a webcam, microphone, or live chat. Preparation involves testing equipment, clarifying communication tools, and dressing professionally. It saves time and money for employers and eliminates transportation costs for job seekers. Professionalism is crucial, and the interviewee should avoid being too casual.

An online interview is a job interview conducted over the Internet. It can be accomplished using a web camera, a computer microphone, and in some cases a live chat feature. Successful preparation for an online interview requires testing video, audio, and chat capabilities to ensure equipment is working properly. In all other respects, an online interview is the same as an in-person interview, and a successful interview requires an attitude of professionalism.

An employer may choose to conduct an online interview in lieu of an in-person interview. This is often done to save the company time and money. It’s also more convenient for job seekers, in some cases, because it eliminates transportation time and costs. Online interviews are most common in situations where the employer and candidate are located in different countries or time zones.

Preparing for an online interview requires gathering some important information. If the employer is in a different time zone, then the candidate must clearly understand the time of the interview. In addition, it is necessary to clarify whether the interview will be conducted via web conference, Internet phone or live chat. If specific communication tools are used, requiring login and password, this information will be required in advance.

Testing computer equipment in advance is an important part of preparing for an online interview. If using a webcam, the candidate can test it to ensure they are sitting in a position that allows their entire head and face to be visible. Testing your microphone and speaker volume beforehand is important to avoid last-minute adjustments. If live chat or Internet phone is used, these applications must be downloaded in advance.

Aside from the mode of communication, a remote interview is much like an in-person interview. A high degree of professionalism is required. The interviewee should take great care to dress professionally and eliminate any unnecessary noise from their location. Any background items that might make an unprofessional impression, such as food packaging or a messy room, should be avoided.

The nature of an online interview is such that an interviewee can feel more relaxed because they are in the comfort of their own home or office. This can be an advantage, especially since interviews can be anxiety-provoking for some people. The interviewee must take great care, however, to avoid being too casual in tone or conversation. An interviewer located in an official setting will likely expect a certain degree of formality.

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