What’s an online presentation?

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An online presentation is a presentation delivered over the internet or via email, including sales presentations, webinars, and training sessions. They can be created with software like PowerPoint or recorded audio and video. Online presentations are useful for businesses to showcase their products and for meetings without traveling. Webinars can be used for distance learning and new product sales. Online presentation tools like Google Present, AjaxPresents, Zoho Show, and Sliderocket are available on the internet.

An online presentation is any type of presentation that is delivered over the Internet or sent via email. This may include sales presentations, online conference presentations, or any demonstration of a product or process performed online rather than in person. Some of these presentations are made using presentation software such as PowerPoint®, but it is also possible to make an online presentation such as an advertisement or webinar with recorded audio and video.

Online sales presentations are becoming an increasingly useful way for businesses to showcase or showcase their products. This type of online presentation has many possibilities for the format that can be used. Some are created to look like traditional TV commercials, with audio, video, photos, animations, or any combination thereof. Others are made with software like PowerPoint or Sliderocket, where the user creates a series of slides containing text, graphics, photographs and audio. Online sales presentations can be posted on company websites, blogs, Facebook, or can be sent to customers via email via newsletter.

An online presentation can also be part of a training session, business meeting or conference conducted online. These presentations can be useful for companies with offices or branches in different cities, allowing people to meet without the expense of traveling long distances. Using computers equipped with cameras, microphones, and often large display screens, people are able to meet and give presentations in much the same way as they would face-to-face in a face-to-face meeting.

A webinar is another type of online presentation. With audio and video equipment, you can record a traditional lecture or seminar and post it online, where it can be viewed for free or for a fee. These presentations can be used for distance learning, training courses, and for new product sales and demonstrations. Some webinars may be linked to a school or company website, while others may be posted to video sharing sites such as YouTube or Vimeo.
Online presentation tools and software are becoming more widely available on the Internet. Google introduced Present presentation software in late 2007 as part of Google Docs, its online office software package. Other online tools such as AjaxPresents, Zoho® Show or Sliderocket allow users to import files from their computers or generate interactive and animated presentations using Flash, then publish, share and archive presentations online or embed presentations in blogs or on Facebook.

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