What’s an oven element?

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An oven element is a semi-circular heating device that converts electric current into heat to warm up an electric cooker. It is easy to replace and maintain, but users should keep it free from contamination and wear gloves when handling it.

An oven element is a heating device found in an electric cooker. Just like a toaster element, the oven element converts electric current into heat, and the electricity flowing through the oven element heats the ceramic coating on the element and turns it red. When the oven element glows red, it projects heat into the oven, thus heating the appliance to the pre-set temperature. The only enemies of an oven element are time and contamination. Individuals should keep the item free from drips, food materials and grease invested for maximum longevity.

Shaped like a semi-circle, the oven element simply plugs into sockets at the bottom of the cooker oven. Most ovens will also have an element at the top of the range and at the bottom. This top element is the rack in most ovens. While some ovens use a bottom tray and lower oven element for the broil function, the vast majority of appliances found around the world will incorporate a top element for the broil function.

Even in ovens with an automatic cleaning function, take care to remove the oven element and clean it with a soft cloth. Users should take the time to clear any debris from the bottom deck of the oven to avoid splashing onto the item. A clean element in a clean oven will provide years of service under most circumstances. When cleaning an oven, it is important to clean the top wall and top element to ensure proper maintenance and wear.

The electric heat provided by the element is usually so high that professional cooking appliances, even those with gas burners in the range, use an electric oven. This is due, in part, to the element’s ability to provide consistent heat throughout the oven. The electric oven also has a faster recovery time when the door has been opened. This means it usually takes less time to get back to temperature than a comparable gas oven.

The electric furnace element is usually easy to replace when replacement is needed. Most elements require no tools to remove – users simply pull the element out and insert the replacement into the socket. It is essential to switch off and cool the oven before touching, cleaning or changing the element. As a good practice, people should wear rubber or latex gloves when handling an item to prevent the transfer of oils from the skin to the item; if gloves are not available, a clean, dry towel will usually work fine.

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