What’s Apple Taffy Salad?

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Apple Taffy Salad is a popular dessert or side dish in autumn and summer. It’s made with a caramel-like syrup coating apples, nuts, and pineapples, with marshmallows and frozen whipped topping added. Preparation time is required, and recipes vary with some including marshmallows.

Apple Taffy Salad can be called a dessert or a side dish depending on who is calling it. The dessert does not contain caramel, but has sweet ingredients that make it similar to caramel apples. For this reason, it is a very popular dish in the autumn months, although many enjoy making it during the summer as well.

The basic way to make apple taffy salad is to use pineapple juice, eggs, flour, sugar, and vinegar to create a caramel like syrup. This coats slices of apples and small nuts such as peanuts, walnuts or pecans. Many people also add canned pineapple chunks, reserving the juice to make syrup, and some recipes call for marshmallows. Once the syrup is combined with the apples, pineapples, marshmallows, and nuts, the frozen whipped topping is added to complete the dish.

The result is a sweet, chunky, creamy salad that’s really geared more toward dessert. Apple Taffy Salad is a low-calorie version of a fruit salad, but it can be an occasional treat. It’s almost universally popular with kids, but if you’re planning on making it for a kids’ party, such as Halloween, make sure any kids you’re serving don’t have peanut allergies. When in doubt, omit the nuts or use pecans or walnuts instead of peanuts.

The dish requires some preparation time. Many people recommend that if you’re using marshmallows for apple taffy salad, you should probably combine the marshmallows and pineapple and refrigerate them overnight. This will help the juice from the pineapple chunks break down the marshmallows and make the dessert creamier.

Some tips on apple taffy salad preparations are that you refrigerate the syrup for at least overnight before adding it to pineapple chunks and apples. Adding hot syrup isn’t recommended because it will reduce the crunch of the apples a bit and may make them slightly stewed. Most people offering recipes suggest starting preparation for apple taffy salad a day in advance of when you want to serve it.

You’ll find numerous recipes online for apple taffy salad. Most of the recipes are very similar with differences only in some additions such as marshmallows. You’ll also find recipes for this salad in some children’s cookbooks and many adult cookbooks as well.

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