What’s Athleisure Wear?

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Athleisure clothing and footwear were popular in 2003-2004, but the trend is now declining. The signature piece is the two-piece jogging suit, often made from velvet, but traditional yoga clothing is also included. Leisure shoes are not suitable for athletics and lack support. Athleisure clothing is still popular for its comfort and is often paired with athleisure shoes. It’s best to invest in shoes designed for athletics for those who need support for standing on the job.

Leisure clothing and footwear became very popular in 2003-2004. Like all fashion trends, athleisure clothing is now on the wane, although many still enjoy wearing athleisure clothing and footwear. The goal of this type of clothing is to provide comfortable clothing while suggesting a sport-focused lifestyle.
One of the signature pieces of athleisure clothing is the two-piece jogging suit, often made from velvet. In summer, lighter cotton jogging suits can be worn. These jogging suits might have hoods and might include a third piece like a matching t-shirt. Velvety, supple trousers, often in bootcut style, are actually not all suitable for jogging. Most athletes prefer tight fitting pants to avoid friction burns.

The overall effect of the jogging suit was to suggest that one was on the move. This style has been enjoyed by both men and women and marketed by many retailers. The jogging suit has actually been a style for years, but has been co-opted by athleisure clothing designers as one of the must-have pieces.

Since the jogging suit is so comfortable, it’s doubtful that it will ever be considered completely unfashionable for any age group. One can still find the velor jogging suit in the men’s, boys’ and girls’ departments, as well as in plus-size clothing. They are a frequent choice of busy mums who transport children back and forth to school. Plus, teen girls seem to like the style.

Clothing in this style could also include traditional yoga clothing, such as yoga pants. These tend to have an elasticated waist with a boot cut leg. Some combine a tie and an elastic waistband for ease of adjustment. Some designers have combined yoga pants with a zippered top, similar to a jogging suit.

Leisure shoes are all about style and are not suited for actual athletics. Major sports retailers such as Nike® often produce such shoes. They seem ready to play almost any sport, yet have little arch support or total foot support. In reality they are not intended for anything other than small walks.

Women often paired athleisure clothing with athleisure shoes to complete a look. Sneakers are also often worn instead of flats with skirts or dresses. Talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, almost always wears athleisure footwear with nice pants, button-down shirts, and a casual sports coat.
For those who need good to great support for hours of standing on the job, it’s probably best to invest in a shoe more designed for athletics. Since these shoes often copy real sneakers, it might be best to stick with a shoe designed to give you some extra support while still offering the athleisure look.

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