What’s Bacon Brittle?

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Bacon Brittle is a sweet and savory candy made with peanuts, syrup, and crispy bacon. It has a high calorie and fat content and is often sold in gift shops and eateries. It can also be used as a topping for ice cream. The bacon used in the recipe is specially prepared by small producers who smoke it for a richer flavor. Making bacon brittle at home is easy using the standard recipe for nut brittle.

Bacon Brittle is an updated version of the classic peanut candy. Brittle generally combines peanuts or another nut with syrup and, in the case of brittle bacon, crispy bacon. This nut, bacon, and syrup concoction has a sweet and savory flavor, as well as a crunch, in one package.

Since it was first created, the most common recipes for peanut brittle have seen little innovation. The most frequent change was the type of nut used in the basic brittle formulation. Creative cooks and candy makers have produced brittles that use cashews, pecans, almonds, and macadamia nuts. Bacon Brittle is a great change for the candy profile.

The bacon used in this recipe is probably not the same as the bacon sold in the breakfast meats section of the corner grocery store. Commercial varieties of brittle bacon use specially prepared bacon created by small producers. These artisans cure their bacon by smoking it. This process gives the bacon a richer flavor that incorporates the aromas of the wood used in the smoker.

Enjoying this kind of flimsy isn’t without guilt. Peanuts, sugar, syrup and bacon don’t make a low-calorie snack. Adding bacon to this candy also increases the sodium content and fat content.

Commercial manufacturers of bacon brittle also sell a chocolate version of the product. This modified brittle candy creation has a milk chocolate coating. The sweetness of chocolate is a fourth taste sensation that appeals to chocolate lovers.

The uses of brittle bacon go beyond eating by hand. Creative restaurateurs use it as a condiment for dessert dishes. Ice cream parlors offer it with ice cream. Shoppers can order any flavor of ice cream and add crushed brittle pieces as a topping for cones, cups and sundaes.

Upscale gift shops and eateries are the most common places to find brittle bacon. Some manufacturers only sell their products online. You can purchase personal sized boxes to enjoy yourself or gift packs to treat others. The manufacturers recommend gift sizes for teachers, holiday gift exchanges, and the person who has everything.

Making bacon brittle is not difficult for home candy makers. The standard recipe for nut brittle is the basis for this version of brittle. Once the syrup and sugar reach the correct temperature, the peanuts and crispy bacon slices are added. Well-drained bacon is key to making candy. The oily bacon will change the texture of the brittle base and may prevent proper setting.

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