What’s Beam Software?

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Beam software helps structural engineers design and check beams for performance under hypothetical conditions. It can vary in sophistication and is available online for free or with a subscription. The software allows users to enter project notes and evaluate beams based on overall performance and adherence to building codes. It can also perform calculations to determine the best beam for a given project by balancing flexibility and support.

Beam software is engineering software for structural engineers that provides them with information about beam performance under hypothetical conditions. They can use the software in the design process of a structure to develop appropriate technical specifications. It can also be useful during construction to check the work and confirm that the beams will meet the demands of the given conditions. In the event that changes need to be made, the software can be of paramount importance in making calculations and making sure they are done correctly.

Numerous companies produce beam software or include beam modules in their structural engineering software. The level of sophistication can vary widely. Some products offer a variety of features and can perform a variety of calculations, while others are more simplistic. More extensive software tends to be more expensive, due to higher development costs. Engineering companies ordering custom software will pay even more, as the product is designed just for them.

You can also use the bundle software online. Some companies have free services available for quick calculations, while others may have a pay wall that allows access only to subscribers. The free Beam software can be useful for contractors and homeowners who want to double check their calculations or explore some scenarios with a building project. Some home improvement stores install beam software and other design tools in consoles around their facilities to allow customers to check the math, explore different configurations for a project, and select the right products for their needs.

In the software program, the user enters specific project notes. It can specify the shape of the beam, the dimensions and the materials used. Additionally, he can discuss the expected overall weight of the structure and the conditions under which it will be used. The beam requirements for a bridge, for example, will be different than for a private home. The software can evaluate the beam in terms of overall performance, as well as adherence to building code and other guidelines.

The software can perform some calculations to determine how the beam will respond to bending, shear and compressive forces. Structural engineers want their beams to be springy enough to rebound slightly under pressure instead of immediately giving way. However, they don’t want beams that are so flexible that they can’t support weight, bending or compressing easily under adverse conditions. Beam design requires a balance between these two needs. Beam software can help engineers play with different constraints and variables to determine the best beam for a given project.

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