What’s Beer Pong?

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Beer pong is a popular drinking game played on a long table with two teams of two players. The objective is to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups, and the losing team must drink all remaining beer. Rules vary, and players must exercise moderation.

Beer pong is a popular drinking game played in a variety of venues, but is common at college and tailgating celebrations. The game is believed to have originated at Dartmouth University in the 1980s, although other universities claim ownership of its creation. There are no official rules for beer pong, so local rules are usually agreed upon before play begins.

The game is played on a long, narrow table that is generally 8 by 2 feet (2.44 by 61 meters) and stands approximately 27.5 inches (69.8 centimeters) high, according to World Series of Beer pong regulations. Beer pong is typically played with two teams, each consisting of two team members. Each team has 6 or 10 16 ounce plastic cups (about 471 milliliters), depending on local rules. Each mug is filled with approximately 4-6 ounces (118-177 milliliters) of beer. The cups are arranged in a pyramid, with the tip of the pyramid facing the opposing team at the opposite end of the table.

The objective of beer pong is to throw a ping pong ball, or ping pong, into the cups of the opposing teams. When a ball lands within the opposing team’s cup, a member of the receiving team must drink the beer in that cup. The game ends when one team eliminates all of the other team’s cups. At the end of a beer pong match, the losing team has used up all of the beer in their cups and must also drink the remaining beer in the winning team’s cups.

The range of localized rules varies greatly among beer pong players, although there are some common rules. It is commonly accepted that a ball bounced into a cup rather than bowled directly results in a loss of two cups, but the opposing team has the ability to dunk, catch or otherwise deflect a ball being bounced. In the case of a ball going around the rim of a cup, some beer pong games allow players to dislodge the ball with their fingers before it hits the beer; other rules only allow players to pop the ball out of the cup.

A common feature of many games played around the world is the exclusion rule. If a team wins the game without losing any of its cups, the game is considered over and the opposing team must perform some act, usually of a humiliating or unpleasant nature. Common activities include streaking or sitting under the table for the duration of the next game.

As with the variable rules, there are often various localized restrictions during a game of beer pong. It is common to require the elbow or wrist of the person throwing the ball to be behind the edge of the table. This prevents players from leaning over the table so there is less distance between the cup and the ball as it is thrown. Additionally, players are often prohibited from throwing the ball with extreme force at opposing cups with the intention of knocking the cup off the table. In many areas, if a cup is knocked off the table or otherwise spilled, it is removed from play.
When drinking alcohol, exercising moderation is important. Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, it is possible for you to become extremely intoxicated. Have fun, play it safe, and drink in moderation when playing any drinking game.

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