What’s broaching used for?

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Broaching is a machining process that removes metal from parts using a broach. It can produce internal shapes like keyseats, and offers tight tolerances, high production levels, and a high-quality surface finish. CNC grinding wheels are used to manufacture the best broaches. It reduces costs and provides quality workmanship without specialized training.

Broaching is a machining technique used to remove unwanted metal from a part. Flat, round and shaped surfaces can all be machined using this type of manufacturing process, as can internal and external surfaces.

The cutting tool used in the broaching process is rightly called a “broach”. It works by pushing or pulling across the workpiece to remove small amounts of material with its teeth. Each tooth on a broach is progressively longer which creates chips of varying size to ensure a smooth finished product. Cutting can be done both in a vertical and in a horizontal plane.

Broaching is most frequently used by manufacturers to produce internal shapes. Keyseats are the most common example of this. A keyway, or keyway, is an axially located rectangular groove in a shaft or hub. Keyseats are used for a variety of purposes such as preventing rotation.

A shaft press can be used to broach keyways in the hubs of gears and sprockets by pushing the broach through a workpiece. Without the press, the final product may not be precise enough to ensure a good quality fit.
Broaching has many advantages. Not only does it allow for high production levels, it also creates tight tolerances. The best broaches today are manufactured using computer numerically controlled (CNC) grinding wheels which help keep the tooth tolerances of the broaches very low.

Broaching also allows for a high quality surface finish while offering lower production costs in the long run because less skilled workers can operate the automated equipment. Also, because broaching only removes small amounts of material, the broach will generally last longer than other tools.

Broaching reduces costs for manufacturers while offering the fastest way to remove metal and providing quality workmanship without the need for specialized training.

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