What’s Bumper Bowling?

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Bumper Bowling is a great way to spend time with young children or adults with special needs. The game is played on a regular bowling alley with rails to protect the gutters. Some alleys have pop-up rails, while others use inflatable tubes. There may be a weight limit on the ball. The rules include not crossing the foul line and having fun. Bowling leagues for children and adults with special needs are available.

Bumper Bowling has to be one of the best ways to spend an afternoon with a group of young children or adults with bowling challenges. Bumper Bowling is played on a regular bowling alley and the gutters are covered or protected by rails to keep the ball in play. Because bumper bowling is designed for young children or adults with special needs, the bowling balls used are lighter in weight to accommodate the player’s ability.

Some bowling alleys have pop-up rails that can be programmed for those users who require them. They scroll up along the inside edge of the eaves and back out for users who don’t need them. This is a very nice feature for families with small children or groups with adults who may want to use help.

Other bowling alleys may use an inflatable tube that runs the length, or most of the length, of the alley to protect each gutter. If your bowling alley uses a tube, and sometimes even a bumper rail, there may be a weight limit on the bowling ball. The limit is usually £6, but check with your bowling alley to be sure.

The rules will vary in different areas, but two rules are emphasized most often. First, the player cannot cross the foul line. If you do, you will hear a buzz and this will tell you that your points will not count for that ball. Second, have fun. Bumper Bowling is about building a love of the sport, not the competition.

You’ll also find outstanding bowling leagues just about everywhere. Children’s bumper bowing championships begin at around age 5 and can run up to around age 16. They are used to teach bowling and encourage self-confidence as the player learns. Adults with special needs also have outstanding bowling leagues, so be sure to check with your bowling alley for more information.

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