What’s bumper pool?

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Bumper pool is a game with two pockets and 12 bumpers. Players have five balls each and aim to get them into the opponent’s hole. Defense is important, and the game is played one-on-one or in teams of two.

Bumper pool is a great game that can bring hours of daily entertainment to players. A bumper pool table differs from a standard pool table in that the table has only two pockets (holes) whereas the standard pool table has six pockets. Additionally, the table contains 12 bumpers, two each located next to the hole at the end of each side of the table, while the remaining 8 bumpers are located around the center of the table. These buffers are used by players trying to get the ball into the opponent’s hole. While the standard pool game has 15 balls in solid and striped form, in bumper pool each player has five balls: red versus white. The tables come in a variety of sizes, but the regulation size is approximately 54 inches (1.37 meters) by 30 inches (0.76 meters). These tables typically have green felt fabric covering a slate or wood base.

To start playing pool, each player lines up their five balls at opposite ends of the table. Each player will have a ball with one point on it. This ball will be placed just in front of the hole and must be bowled, using a cue, into the opponent’s pocket before a player can shoot any of the other balls. The object of bumper pool is to be the first player to toss his five balls into the opponent’s hole. This game is usually played one-on-one or in teams of two. At the beginning of the game, both players will shoot the dotted ball at the same time, moving it from the sidewall towards the opponent’s hole. The player who sinks the ball continues to shoot. If no ball lands in the hole after the first stroke, the player with the ball closest to the opponent’s hole hits again.

In the bumper pool, a good defense is just as important as a good offense. If an opposing player has a ball near a hole, the other player can use his shot to knock that player’s ball away from the hole, sending the ball to the other end of the table if possible. The best pool players are masters with the cue. They can softly deposit balls off the sideboard or bumper when needed to drop a ball into the pocket, and they can also knock their opponent’s ball away from the pocket when it looks like their opponent has an easy score imminent.

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