What’s Case Mgmt Certification?

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Case management certification can open up new employment opportunities and strengthen academic credentials for healthcare professionals. The certification program requires meeting education, experience, and moral character requirements, and passing an exam. Case managers work with patients to monitor their health plans, communicate with medical professionals and insurance companies, and ensure proper medication management. The certification exam requires a post-secondary degree and 12-24 months of case management experience.

Healthcare professionals interested in managing patient cases may want to obtain certification in case management. Successful completion of the case management certification program can not only open up new employment possibilities, but also strengthen academic credentials. Case management certificate programs are usually offered at colleges, universities, and continuing education centers. To apply for certification, a student must first meet the education, experience, and moral character requirements outlined by the Commission for Case Manager Certification, or CCMC. Once these criteria are met, the student can apply to take the case management certification exam and obtain official certification.

Case management in the healthcare industry is a growing field. A case manager’s main responsibilities are to work with patients and monitor their entire health plan. A case manager will need to keep the lines of communication open between patients, doctors, medical facilities and insurance companies. A critical aspect of a case manager’s job is to ensure that physicians and treatment specialists know about all of their patients’ medications and treatments. That way, if they prescribe something new, they know the patient isn’t taking something that might react badly to the new medication.

A prerequisite for enrolling in the case management certificate program is that the student already has experience as a registered nurse or other licensed medical professional. Case management classes are often offered at local community colleges, state and private universities, and continuing education or medical training centers. While the curriculum varies from place to place, the program typically takes one to two years to complete. After completing the certificate program, the student will receive a certificate in the field of case management. The next step is to get real case management certification.

To take the case management certification exam, a student must first meet the eligibility criteria. First, the student must possess a post-secondary degree, which includes any nursing degree or diploma, college or university that allows independent work within the medical profession. Second, the student must have 12 months of case management experience working full time supervised by a certified case manager or 24 months case management experience working full time unsupervised by a certified case manager. Finally, the applicant must be of good moral character, which primarily entails never having a suspended or revoked professional medical license and having no recorded crime.

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