What’s Castile Soap?

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Castile soap is a high-quality, gentle soap made from vegetable oils, historically originating in Northern Italy. It can be made with various oils and scents, and is used for a variety of purposes, including as a body soap and cleaner. It is popular among those who are environmentally conscious and have sensitive skin.

Castile soap is a soap based on fats of purely vegetable origin, rather than animal fats such as tallow. This type of soap has historically been highly regarded as a high quality soap that is gentle on the skin and useful for a variety of other applications. Many shops sell castile soap, and this soap is a specialty of different regions of Europe, where it is made from various traditional ingredients. You can also purchase this type of soap base for the purpose of mixing your own soaps.

This soap is said to be named after the Kingdom of Castile, a region in what is now known as Spain. The evidence seems to suggest that this soap originated in Northern Italy and spread outward from there, although this soap is so ancient that it is a little difficult to pinpoint the details of its history. In Castile, soap was made only with olive oil, and some people distinguish between capital Castile soap, made with olive oil, and lowercase Castile soap, made with other vegetable oils.

While olive oil is the traditional base oil, soap can be made with coconut, hemp, avocado, almond, walnut, and many other vegetable oils. The composition of the soap will vary slightly, depending on the base oil used. In pure form, soap is white, hard, and odorless. Many soap manufacturers also produce a liquid version, which is odorless and creamy to white, often thickening in cold weather.

Once the base is made, Castile soap can be scented with various floral ingredients, mixed with oatmeal and other coarse materials to aid in exfoliation, or treated in other ways to create specific purpose soaps. The soap is often used as hand soap in luxury hotels, and the soap can also be used as a general body soap, shampoo or general cleanser. These soaps can be used for washing clothes, scrubbing floors, bathing pets, and in a variety of other situations where something needs cleaning.

This type of soap is often highly regarded because it is made with natural ingredients, appealing to people who want to be environmentally conscious. It is also very delicate, suitable for people with sensitive skin along with delicate surfaces and fabrics ranging from soft stone to silk. Some people like to mix their own soap, using a base and essential oils.

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