What’s central AC?

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Central air conditioning is a cooling method that uses a centralized unit to cool and dehumidify air before circulating it throughout a building. It’s often paired with heating systems and found in large structures or homes in hot and humid climates. Ductless air conditioning can also be used, but central air is essential for large buildings. It eliminates the need for unsightly wall units or windows and can be calibrated for energy efficiency.

Central air conditioning is a structural cooling method in which a centralized unit cools and dehumidifies the air before circulating it throughout a building. This is in direct contrast to systems that rely on single units in rooms or suites of rooms. Central air, as it’s also known, is often paired with a heating system, as both rely on similar amounts of electricity and ductwork to distribute cooled or heated air. This type of air conditioning is usually found in large structures or homes in extremely hot and humid climates.

With centralized air, the main unit is often located outdoors or in an isolated area of ​​a building because a large amount of noise is generated during the refrigeration cycles which cools the air and helps draw out moisture. The unit connects to ducts that run throughout the building, with fans pushing cold air out of the ducts to cool the rooms. The air conditioner also vents outside to remove excess heat and humidity.

Ductless air conditioning can also be used to cool the air in large areas, but instead of relying on ductwork, it uses individual wall units that pull out the moisture and hot air and pump in cool air. This form of air conditioning can be more environmentally friendly, as people can control the climate in individual rooms or groups of rooms, rather than using a single central unit to maintain a desired temperature. Because temperatures can vary considerably within a facility, central air conditioning can use a lot of energy in an effort to keep the air comfortable.

For large buildings, central air conditioning is essential, as the air can get quite oppressive, especially in hot weather. The heat of the weather can warm up the building, as can the heat from bodies in the building, and humidity also builds up due to breathing. Using central air will keep a building comfortable for people to work in and make it more pleasant for visitors who may enter the building, such as customers entering a department store.

Even homes in warm climates can benefit from central air. The use of this type of air conditioning system eliminates the need for wall units or windows, which are often unsightly and difficult to manage. Central air, just like central heating, can also be calibrated to keep temperatures within a stable range while maintaining energy efficiency. This is especially true when central air or heat is combined with measures such as insulating a home to help it withstand changes in outside temperature and designing a home to suit its climate.

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