What’s Cigarette Paper?

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Cigarette paper is strong and porous, designed to hold loose tobacco and control burn. Roll-your-own cigarettes were once popular, but mass-produced cigarettes now dominate. Loose tobacco and rolling papers are still available in stores. Unfiltered cigarettes made with loose tobacco and paper have a strong taste.

Cigarette paper is simply a roll of paper that is cut into sections of the ideal size to assemble a cigarette. This strong tissue paper is formulated to provide sufficient support to hold loose tobacco during the rolling process, yet porous enough to control the rate of burn that occurs when the cigarette is smoked.

Roll-your-own cigarettes once enjoyed great popularity. Smokers would purchase one of several high-quality tobacco blends and use it as a filler for their own cigarettes. A line of tobacco was placed near one end of the smoking paper and then rolled into a cylinder. Wetting the sealing end of the paper with a small amount of saliva provided a simple seal that kept the tobacco from falling out when smoking a cigarette.

Although mass-produced cigarettes control most of the tobacco market, it is still relatively easy to obtain good quality loose tobacco and cigarette paper. The paper is sometimes sold in a small box, with each individual sheet placed in a pile. You can also get the cigarette in a flip top book which is no different than a matchbox design. Smoke paper in this form is usually bound in book, making it necessary to gently tear off a sheet of paper for use.

Purchasing paper is relatively easy, and many supermarkets still carry containers of loose tobacco and rolling papers in the tobacco section of the store. A number of tobacco shops have also opened in many cities and towns over the years, selling a wide line of cigars and cigarettes, as well as different flavors and strengths of loose tobacco. Cigarette paper is usually available at any retail outlet that sells loose tobacco.

Unlike commercial cigarettes, a cigarette made with cigarette paper and loose tobacco does not include any type of filter. For people who have never smoked an unfiltered cigarette, the taste can be extremely strong, even if a mild tobacco is used. Those who enjoy unfiltered cigarettes may find that rolling their own increases the satisfaction gained from smoking.

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