What’s crazy flooring?

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Crazy paving, using irregularly shaped stones, is a cheaper but time-consuming method of paving. It can be achieved by using broken pieces of expensive stones or concrete flagstones. Different methods can be used to support the path, and the stones are placed as close together as possible to minimize grouting. The walkway can be made geometrically uniform by laying planks or a row of small uniform stones. The Mediterranean style involves laying stones in a bed of crushed rock with earth and seeds or sod in between.

A cheaper but often more time-consuming method of paving a walkway involves using irregularly shaped stones in a seemingly purposeless way. Called crazy paving, this style is commonly used on garden paths but can be found in many applications, dating back as far as the ancient Romans. Some use different shapes of stones but they form a uniform and dense walkway, sealed with as little mortar as possible. Others simply lay stones at random intervals and let grass grow in between.

Evenly cut stone can be expensive, especially marble, quartz and slate. This is especially true when stones are used to pave a large area of ​​land. Broken pieces of these materials can be used for a crazy flooring project, which can add just as much aesthetic appeal when set up correctly. Concrete flagstone is perhaps the most commonly used paving stone.

A few methods can be used to adequately support an insane paving path. Many lay down a thin bed of concrete and put the stones in before they dry. For thicker stones, this would also allow vehicle driving. Others use a bed of gravel and crushed sand, into which the stone pieces are laid. In both cases, the masons attempt to place the stones as close together as possible to minimize grouting, which is the most susceptible to cracking. The general method is to use large stones to form the base path, then smaller cuts to fill in the gaps evenly. Masons often use chisels and hammers to cut stones into the exact shape they need to make a crazy paving project not so crazy.

Regardless of the type of base used for the crazy paving, one common feature is the geometric uniformity of the walkway. This can be achieved by laying planks around the perimeter of which the walkway will be built, giving the final design a finished look. It can also be achieved by installing a thin row of small uniform stones that form a clean border and aesthetic juxtaposition of styles.

Perhaps the most random looking crazy flooring is the Mediterranean style. This involves using the same type of irregularly shaped stones, but laid in a bed of crushed rock at seemingly random, spaced intervals. Then, earth and seeds or sod are laid between the stones to cover the crushed rock and give an area of ​​the garden a unique look.

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