What’s Croquet?

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Croquet is an outdoor game where players use a mallet to hit a ball through wire wickets to score runs. The game originated in France in the 13th century and became popular among the upper class in England and Ireland in the 1800s. The ideal croquet lawn is short grass, but the game can be played on any surface. The standard hammer is 2.5 feet long, and the ball is about the size of a softball. Offshoots of croquet include Toequet and Malletball.

Croquet is an outdoor lawn game in which each player uses a mallet to knock the ball through wickets (small circles of wire) to score runs. Croquet courts can be laid out in any way the players wish, although the traditional croquet lawn is set up as two double diamonds within a rectangular court with measurements of 50 feet (15.25 metres) by 100 feet (30.5 metres).

The object of the game of croquet is to be the first player to bowl the ball through all the wickets and end up hitting the last wicket, a thin striped post usually placed just beyond the last wicket. Although first played by peasants in France in the thirteenth century, croquet became somewhat of a game of the upper class in England and Ireland in the 1800s. It is now a game played around the world by many people. Croquet enthusiasts tune in to watch croquet tournaments on TV and follow the sport in the sports pages of many newspapers around the world.

The ideal croquet lawn will be on short grass to ensure that the ball gets a real roll. However, you can rest assured that the game is played by many on any available surface, from rough grass to sand. Most players keep track of who gets to the final bet first to determine the winner; however, in timed matches, no one can make it to the final bet before time runs out. In such matches, the winner is determined by keeping track of the number of wickets each player has bowled, with one point at stake for each wicket.

The standard hammer is about two and a half feet (0.75 meters) long, and the ball, about the size of a softball, is heavy enough to keep it from flying through the air like in golf. Offshoots of croquet have sprung up in recent years. Toequet is a game that uses the same rules as croquet, but the player kicks a soccer-style ball through much larger wickets en route to the final stake. Malletball also has the same rules as croquet, although it is played with oversized mallets, bigger wickets, and bigger balls.

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