What’s Ctrl-F?

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Ctrl-F is a keyboard shortcut that allows users to quickly find text on a web page or document. Studies show that 90% of people are unaware of this shortcut, but those who use it are 12% faster in their searches. Other useful shortcuts include Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, and Ctrl-V for cutting, copying, and pasting. Mac users have their own set of shortcuts, such as Option-Cmd-H to hide applications and Option-Cmd-D to show and hide the dock.

Ctrl-F or Cmd-F is a keyboard shortcut that allows a user to quickly find a word, phrase, or symbol within text on a web page or in a document. In studies conducted by Dan Russell, a Google search anthropologist, about 90% of people are unaware of this shortcut, and it could cost them. On average, those who know the Ctrl-F shortcut are about 12% faster in their searches than those who don’t, which adds up to people who spend a lot of time working on computers.

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Just knowing how to press Ctrl-F isn’t all that makes for an effective search. To get the most out of this shortcut, it’s best to search for the shortest, most unusual text string or words. If you search for something too common, you’ll get too many results, which defeats the purpose of the shortcut.
Other useful keyboard shortcuts on personal computers include Ctrl-X to cut, Ctrl-C to copy, and Ctrl-V to paste. In Microsoft Word, using Ctrl-Right Arrow or Ctrl-Left Arrow will move you one word to the right or left, and Shift-Home and Shift-End will select all text from where the cursor is to the beginning or end of the document. In Excel, pressing F2 lets you edit a cell instantly.
Mac users can use Option-Cmd-H to hide all applications except the one they are in and simplify the screen, and can use Option-Cmd-D to show and hide the dock. Option-Cmd-Right Arrow expands the folders and Shift-Cmd-Delete empties the trash.

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