What’s customer satisfaction?

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Customer service is the ability to satisfy customers, measured by customer satisfaction. Surveys, focus groups, and advisory groups can measure satisfaction. Responding promptly and maintaining a friendly demeanor, clear policies, and delivering on promises can turn customers into company advocates.

Customer service is an organization’s ability to satisfy its customers. Customer satisfaction is the measure of customer satisfaction. This term strictly refers to those who purchase a good or service. An analysis of the satisfaction of those who, for example, use an e-commerce site without making a purchase would be an analysis of user satisfaction. The term user satisfaction is also used for other non-purchased services, such as public service and especially the operational efficiency of a purchased product, i.e. how it is to use it. Getting a measure of your customer satisfaction is helpful in helping businesses secure repeat business and larger purchases.

To measure customer satisfaction, companies can conduct customer surveys, organize focus groups and enroll advisory groups. A survey may include elements of the customer’s experience, including ratings on the quality and speed of product or service delivery and pricing, problems they have encountered or complaints they have, other types of services or products they need , and the degree to which they trust the business. Focus groups allow for more in-depth discussions and can facilitate the presentation of new product or service concepts for feedback on a one-off basis. Client advisory groups maintain ongoing relationships with a company. Additionally, comment cards give customers the opportunity to play whenever they have something on their mind, and this can allow you to record positive responses that would otherwise be lost.

To ensure customer satisfaction, experts recommend a prompt response to customer communications, whether by phone, mail, email or Twitter. They suggest that employees maintain a friendly and approachable air and demeanor. It is important to have a clear and detailed customer service policy that is publicly available and to offer the customer apologies and corrections when something goes wrong. Straightforward shipping and return policies are also helpful, as are all the promises and promises implied by those policies. Additionally, delivering on promises to help consumers who need additional assistance can help turn customers into company evangelists.

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