What’s Dill Chicken?

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Dill chicken is a dish made with grilled or seared skinless chicken seasoned with fresh or dried dill, and can include lemon or mustard flavoring. It can be made lighter or richer depending on ingredient choices, and can include additional vegetables and spices. Fresh dill is more intense than dried, and should be added near the end of cooking. Chicken stock without a thickener is often used for lighter versions.

Dill chicken is a dish usually consisting of grilled or seared skinless chicken that has been seasoned with fresh or dried dill. This chicken recipe can also include lemon or mustard flavoring and other spice flavors depending on individual tastes. Dill chicken can be a lighter or a stronger dish depending on some of your ingredient choices. Some cooks include a chicken broth-based sauce recipe, seasonings, and a thickener such as cornstarch in their dill chicken for a richer variation on this dish.

Many cooks like to make dill chicken as a light and healthy dish; recipes may often call for pre-peeled chicken breasts or other pieces of chicken that need to be removed from the skin before cooking. While chicken skin can have good amounts of savory flavor, it also usually has a higher number of calories and grams of saturated fat. Cooking with herbs like dill usually adds lots of flavor as an alternative without the unhealthy fat content. Chicken stock without a thickener is another ingredient often included in lighter dill chicken dishes.

Cooking with dill can be a slightly different process depending on whether you choose between freshly harvested dill herb or dried, ground dill herb commonly found in the seasoning sections of the grocery store. Fresh dill is usually used in varying amounts because it can result in a more intense taste after a relatively short cooking time. Most home cooks equate about one teaspoon of dried dill to one tablespoon of fresh dill. In order to keep the dill flavor fresh in a chicken recipe, the dill herb usually needs to be added to the batter near the end of the cooking time; this herb tends to lose flavor when exposed to high heat for more than a few minutes.

Some dill chicken recipes include chopped onions, minced garlic, sliced ​​mushrooms, and sometimes stewed tomatoes for additional flavor and color. Many recipes include instructions for browning the chicken on both sides in a skillet before adding your favorite vegetables. The garlic and other vegetables can also be cooked separately in a pan while the chicken pieces are browned on a grill. Lemon juice is another ingredient that can complement the dill flavor in this dish. Salt and black pepper are usually included to taste, although cooks who prefer a spicier dish often add paprika, cayenne pepper or chili powder as well.

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