What’s drawing paper?

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Drawing paper is specialized for technical drawings and comes in various sizes and styles. It should be archival quality, contrast well with pen and pencil colors, and be stiff and low-stretch. Different materials can be used, and some have grids. It’s important to use archival pens and pencils and store the paper properly. The use of drawing paper is declining due to computer aided design systems.

Drawing paper is paper specially prepared for use in engineering drawings. It has a number of unique features designed to make it useful for architects, engineers and other individuals who need to prepare technical drawings. Many art supply stores sell drawing paper, in a range of sizes and styles to meet specific needs. The use of drawing paper is in decline, thanks to the advent of computer aided design (CAD) systems, which allow people to make engineering drawings on a computer, rather than having to draw them by hand.

When a proof is prepared, it should be done on archival quality paper, so that the image will last and remain sharp for years. The paper should also contrast well with the pen and pencil colors used, making it easier to copy technical drawings. It’s also important to use stiff, low-stretch paper, otherwise the fine details of the design may be distorted. Erasability is also key, as changes may need to be made and telltale streaks, lines, and smudges aren’t desirable.

Different materials can be used for paper drafting. Specially prepared wood-based papers are one option, as are rag papers and vellum. Some draftsmen use plastic, with plastic films being particularly ideal for drawings that will be used to produce projects. Tracing paper is also used for drafting in some cases. In all cases, the paper is typically mounted on a drawing board, and specialized pens, pencils, and tools are used in the drawing process to render a very clear and precise image.

Some drawing papers are clear and without patterns, but you can also buy paper with a grid. Gridded vellum and other gridded drawing paper are useful for engineering drawings, because they provide a frame of reference for the drafter and anyone viewing the draft. Some grids are designed to fade out when the technical drawing is copied, so they won’t be a distraction in your printouts, while in other cases, the grid will be preserved when copying the paper.

This paper is designed to be archival quality making it important to use archival pens and pencils on the paper so that the integrity of the image is not compromised. It’s also important to store your drawing paper properly. Drafts should be rolled up or flat, never folded, and should be stored in a cool, dry place with little light. When people need to examine an original, they should make sure their hands are clean and they should lay the paper flat on a flat surface, rather than unrolling it in the air.

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