What’s econ dynamics?

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Economic dynamics is the analysis of changes in macroeconomic and microeconomic factors in an economic system over a period of time. It includes monitoring business cycles and market behavior, such as stock market activities and interest rate changes.

Economic dynamics is a term used to refer to the act of monitoring an economic system with the aim of analyzing it for any kind of change that may have occurred within a period of time. As such, for economic dynamics to be observed competently, there must be a reference scale that includes the situation at a given moment in time in relation to the later situation during the course of observation. Another way of describing economic dynamics would be to say that it is the analysis of a specific economic system with the sole aim of discovering changes in macroeconomic and microeconomic factors during the period in which the observation takes place.

One of the factors that can be observed during an observation of economic dynamics would be the behavior of the business cycle in that economy during the observation period. The business cycle here refers to the demarcation of economic activities into stated time units, with the aim of comparing the behavior of each business cycle, giving the economist and other interested parties an idea of ​​how the economy is performing. Assuming that the economy does not hit an expected benchmark in consecutive business cycles, this can be an indication that the economy is not doing well and can also be a precursor to unwanted economic situations such as inflation and the resulting depression. Monitoring business cycles with their various outcomes is one of the factors contained in the field of economic dynamics.

Another factor that is studied during the analysis of economic dynamics is the way in which the market in that economy is behaving. This type of analysis would necessarily include a study of stock market activities in that economy, in addition to other factors such as raising or lowering interest rates by the main bank in that economy. When a bank determines that there is a possibility of an economic downturn that could be the consequence of certain negative factors, including a demand rate that far exceeds the available supply rate, the bank may instigate certain measures to balance demand regarding the offer. This measure may include the increase in the interest rate on finance and is included in the factors studied as part of economic dynamics.

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