What’s Extreme Paintball?

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Extreme paintball is a game of capture the flag using paintball guns. Players shoot water-soluble dye capsules to mark opponents, who are then considered out. Safety equipment is essential, and dark clothing and good shoes are recommended. The game is safe, with few injuries. It’s popular with both genders and ages 10 and up can play. Waivers are required for underage players.

Extreme paintball uses paintball guns to play, essentially, a game of capture the flag. While trying to capture the flag, players will shoot paintballs, small capsules filled with water-soluble dye, to mark other players. In almost all cases, when a player is marked, he is considered out and can only rejoin at the start of the next game. Sometimes flags will be flown at each team’s base. In other extreme paintball games, the flag will be somewhere on the playing field. The playing field used in extreme paintball is almost always outdoors.

If you’re new to extreme paintball, you’ll find that most camps rent the equipment you need to get in and play. In fact, most organizers encourage new players to stop by for a game. If you’ve decided to check out a camp, be sure to call to make sure you can rent safety equipment as well. Before playing make sure you have a specific protective mask for paintball. You should also have a barrel bag for your paintball gun. Other safety features include crotch guard, for men, and chest guard.

When you decide to play extreme paintball, be sure to wear dark clothing and good outdoor shoes, such as hiking boots or tennis shoes. Shoes with ankle support are highly recommended. Many extreme paintball field owners do not recommend sweating it out as some people get overheated. Paintball dye should be washed off with cold water, so it shouldn’t stain. It can prevent you from seeing out of the mask, so be sure to bring a towel or tissues to keep the mask clean. Don’t forget to bring water and food.

Look for a field with many judges. The rules of the game should be clearly outlined before the game begins. Size is a small consideration, more important is the number of referees. Typically one or two umpires will not be able to attend a game involving forty or more players. If the field is particularly large, look for more referees.

Extreme paintball is just as safe as playing any other sport, some might argue that there are fewer injuries in extreme paintball than fishing. In general most injuries are related to falls on the field and not being hit by a paintball. There is some pain from being hit, but a number of players say it’s not as painful as one might expect. It is the safe limits of sport that reduce injuries. Make sure you don’t take off your glasses or fire your pistol in the rest area. But the weapons themselves are tuned to reduce injury.

It’s not just for guys; this sport is also popular with women and girls. Most courses allow players as young as ten to play. Any underage player will be required to have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver. A number of people let the anticipation of pain keep them from playing extreme paintball, but gamers will tell you that the pain is nothing more than the pain of scrapes and bruises you might get from playing other games.

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