What’s Flats Fishing?

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Flatland fishing in the Florida Keys is a simple and accessible form of fishing that can be done without a boat. It involves casting in shallow water for bonefish, tarpon, and permit. Preparation involves wearing light clothing, sunscreen, and bringing extra fishing line, bait, and water. The fish caught may not be large, but they are plentiful and make for a good fish fry.

As a popular form of fishing along the Florida Keys, flatland fishing does not require complicated equipment and special skills. In fact, you don’t even have to have a boat. Here are some facts about apartment fishing, including how to prepare for an apartment fishing weekend of your own.

Since flat fishing involves casting into shallow water, even people who don’t like being on a boat will feel comfortable with this form of sport. While it’s possible to simply stand in shallow water and cast your line for the bonefish, tarpon, and permit commonly found in the shallows, many people choose to use a flat skiff as a platform for their fishing expedition.

Generally, someone will act as captain and look for shallow water that appears to have plenty of fishing available. Once a spot is located, the skiff is anchored and the fishermen can cast their lines. As the day progresses, the skiff can move out to spot new schools of fish, providing more opportunities to enjoy a big catch for the day.

You can also practice flatland fishing by wading through the shoals and casting your line. In effect, you are fishing from the shoreline and waiting for the fish to come to you, while a fisherman using a boat looks around and finds a place with lots of fish. However, both methods can easily produce results. Flat fishing that is achieved by wading can take a little longer, but generally the results are just as good as traditional fly fishing.

Preparing for a flatland fishing trip is not unlike preparing for any fishing trip. You’ll need to wear light, airy clothing that will allow you to feel comfortable as the heat of the day progresses. Since you’ll be near or in the water most of the time, be sure to wear strong sunscreen and bring along some sort of headgear, like a hat or baseball cap. If the plan is to wade through the shallows, you may want to bring along wellies that will protect your feet from being in the water for so long. Make sure you bring along extra fishing line, plenty of bait, and also have plenty of water or sports drinks nearby so you can easily replace your body’s fluid levels that you’ll lose through sweating.

Keep in mind that the fish you’ll catch while flatland fishing may not be the largest in the world, but it will be plentiful and can make for a nice fish fry. Make sure you bring along a container where you can keep your catch cool and fresh, until it’s time to get home and start cleaning and cooking the day’s food.

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