What’s Geocaching?

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Geocaching combines hiking, treasure hunting, and GPS. Participants hide a cache and share coordinates online for others to find using their own GPS devices. It’s a popular hobby with thousands of caches worldwide, and some add complexity by hiding caches in difficult places or creating series.

Geocaching is a relatively new activity that combines hiking, treasure hunting and the Global Positioning System (GPS). For more information about GPS, you can read wiseGEEK’s article titled: What is GPS?

Geocaching involves two separate parts, made up of individuals or groups. One party hides a cache anywhere in the world and records latitude and longitude coordinates using a handheld GPS device. The cache is usually made up of a small plastic container that houses some small objects such as toys or coins.

The coordinates and related information regarding the location of the hidden cache are advertised, usually on websites such as geocaching.com. Geocachers search for these hidden caches using their own handheld GPS devices along with maps and clues. When they finally discover the cache, they can take some of the items and leave a few different ones for future geocachers.

Geocaching is a new hobpopular and provides one more reason to explore the world around us. Discovering a hidden cache after a long search is a surprisingly rewarding event. There are thousands of caches around the world waiting to be discovered by anyone who wants to participate.

As geocaching becomes more popular, some participants add new layers of complexity to keep it interesting. For example, some geocachers hide caches in particularly difficult places such as underwater or in a tree. Some geocachers cache caches in series such that a first cache includes instructions for discovering another cache, and so on.

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