What’s Horizontal Quilting?

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Landscape quilting involves creating designs that emulate a particular landscape, using inspiration from photographs, paintings, or local sites. There are two approaches: replicating the scene or creating a suggestive image. Landscape quilting is used for memorial quilts and keepsakes, and resources provide patterns for creating various landscapes.

Landscape quilting is an art form centered around creating a particular design used in quilts. The typical landscape quilt tries to emulate one type of landscape either by attempting to reproduce the overall look as closely as possible or by creating a landscape design that suggests a particular type of landscape. Landscape quilters use a variety of methods to find design inspiration and sometimes employ a certain amount of technology to prepare the quilt top to look its best.

Because landscape quilting is all about depicting landscapes, actual inspiration can come from many different sources. The quilter can use photographs or online images from well-known sites as a basis for creating the quilt design. Paintings and sculptures that refer to a landscape can also serve as a source of inspiration. The quilter can also choose a local site and make a rough sketch of the landscape which can be translated into the overall design for a quilt.

There are two main approaches to horizontal quilting. One approach is to create a scene on the quilt top that is as true to the original as possible. This can often be a labor intensive project, as it involves identifying all the shapes that make up the original image and locating material that can be cut into the correct shapes and fitted together in much the same way as a puzzle. The material must also mimic the various nuances and nuances that help convey the original environment.

The second approach to landscape quilting is a little more freeform. With this approach to landscape quilts, the goal is to create an image that suggests a particular landscape but doesn’t attempt to be an exact replica of the scene. With this approach, the quilter can use some artistic license and use alternating colors for the various elements. The relative proportion of the various elements within the scene can also be adjusted to suit the quilter’s tastes. While still recognisable, the final product is more of a caricature of the landscape than an attempt to reproduce the same image.

Landscape quilting is a time honored form of quilting. The technique has been used to create memorial quilts for family or friends who relocate, as a way to honor priests when they retire from active ministry, and as a keepsake to remember a favorite place from childhood. It’s not unusual for the landscape quilt to include fabrics that have some connection to the recipient of the quilt or the landscape that is depicted on top of the quilt.

Due to the growing popularity of landscape quilting, there are a number of books and electronic resources that provide patterns for creating various landscapes. Some are able to be placed on transparencies and projected onto the top of the base quilt, allowing quilters to sketch the overall design using a fabric pen.

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