What’s Independence?

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Independence means freedom for countries that were once colonized. Colonization involved unfair treatment, land theft, and exploitation. Independence allows for self-determination, a constitution, and the right to vote. It is celebrated as a national holiday.

Independence is an important word for most of the countries in the world. It means freedom, but for most nations it means more. The freedom they have now did not always exist. For most countries, being independent means having been released. Before that, they were usually colonized. Colonization is a system that generally allowed one population to benefit from the often unfair treatment of another population.

To understand the importance of the word independence, one must have a clear understanding of the word colonization. Many of the world’s countries were colonized before they were independent. This meant that instead of being recognized as lands filled with people who have their own thoughts, beliefs and plans, these lands were treated as other people’s possessions. People’s lives were dictated by the decisions made by a few strangers in a place that was usually far away.

Colonization often involved unjust and shameful acts. Foreigners have taken land from the natives, and when they have done so, they have sometimes used crooked, vicious and brutal methods. In many cases, the natives were treated as an inferior class or were exterminated. The land was divided at the will of foreigners who dispersed communities and forced people from their homes. The foreigners exploited the land, caused war among the natives, and kept most of them in poverty.

Independence, in relation to a country, generally means that at some point people decided they weren’t free. The idea came about because they wanted to be freed from the grip of colonization, but this system of control tended to be a boon to those in power. Consequently, freedom from colonization often involved much violence.

For a country to be independent means that it is a nation whose people are recognized collectively. They are identified by the character, morals and beliefs they have chosen for themselves. An independent country has the right to establish a constitution outlining its basic principles. It has the right to develop its own system of government and to see its people as the leaders of that government. People have often acquired rights that should never have been denied, such as the right to vote and the right to choose a religion.

In most countries, independence is marked by an annual holiday. It is usually observed on the same day each year. Usually, an Independence Day is recognized as a national holiday resulting in the closure of many public facilities.

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