What’s Internet Consulting?

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Internet consulting involves evaluating and developing strategies for businesses operating online, including retail interfaces, marketing, and hardware/software selection. Consultants analyze the current state of a client’s online presence and develop a strategy to achieve their goals. Backgrounds in IT, marketing, and website design are helpful. Specializations include e-commerce, branding, and search engine optimization. Consultants typically work with clients for a set amount of time before handing over management to the client’s personnel.

Internet consulting is a broad term that is applied to the task of evaluating and developing strategies for businesses that want to operate on the Internet. Consulting can take the form of developing a retail interface and marketing strategy that works in conjunction with a physical store business. Internet consulting can include creating a process to market the business online.

Consultants can also assist in setting up online selling tools that are used to support the efforts of agents or remote sellers. Internet consulting may also be applied to the selection of hardware and software components to assist a client in setting up a general infrastructure that allows employees access to internal information, such as departmental newsletters or other communications.

In all its forms, internet consulting is about analyzing the current state of the client’s online presence and evaluating what needs to be added, adapted or replaced to help the client achieve his goals for a web presence. The consultant usually begins the process by knowing what the business produces in terms of goods and services. The assessment of the current state of the customer’s online presence usually follows within a short time.

Once this basic knowledge is obtained, the consultant tries to understand what the client wants to achieve with an Internet presence. By comparing what is already in hand with the desired outcome of developing or perfecting the online presence, consultants can begin to make intelligent suggestions on how to develop a web strategy that will achieve all of those goals.

The exact components used in any Internet consulting job will vary based on the client’s needs and goals. If the customer is in the retail industry and currently has stores spread across a large geographic area, the goal may be to use online tools to promote those stores. The customer may want to establish a central online process for making purchases for direct shipping or pickup at a local store. In each situation, counseling will focus on defining what the client wants to accomplish, the reasons for the perceived process, and ultimately developing a viable strategy.

People who do well in Internet counseling usually have a background in one or more areas involving online businesses. A working knowledge of information technology is very helpful as the consultant will have a good idea of ​​what is required in terms of hardware and software to build the client’s desired model. A marketing background, particularly in the area of ​​Internet marketing, is essential when assisting a client in building an ongoing PR and sales approach. Website design proficiency can also come into play with some internet consultancy jobs, as the consultant can assist with using the right mix of graphics, text, and various other tools to create websites that will appeal to kind of attention the customer wants to generate.
Many Internet consulting firms specialize in one or two specific areas, such as e-commerce solutions or online product branding. Others will focus on building a working infrastructure that supports existing sales efforts, while some consultants will tackle issues like helping the client rank higher in search engine results. As with most consulting situations, an Internet consultant typically works with a particular client for a predetermined amount of time, then hands over the management of the project to qualified personnel within the client’s organization.

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