What’s job security analysis?

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A job safety analysis identifies risks and ways to mitigate them, producing a detailed document. Employers must review potentially dangerous tasks and decide on preventive measures to eliminate hazards.

A job safety analysis is a step-by-step overview of a specific task in terms of the risks involved and the ways in which those risks can be avoided or mitigated. This is an important undertaking for companies, both to reduce the risk of injury on the job and to improve general working conditions. In most cases, those performing a job safety analysis produce a document describing each step used in completing the job and the risks involved with those steps. The final part of the analysis is to determine ways to remove these hazards or, at the very least, ensure that the risks are minimized.

Workplace safety is critical for employers and employees alike. Companies that do not take the necessary safety precautions risk injuring employees, exposing themselves to bad publicity and potential lawsuits. Employers who take on tasks without knowing the risks involved are putting themselves in potential danger. One way for all involved to avoid these possibilities is to conduct a job safety review for all potentially harmful tasks.

There are several different ways to perform a job security analysis. One way would be to observe a person performing a task to observe the procedure and potential risks as they arise. Another way is to bring together a group of professionals familiar with the task to gather feedback on the process, thus allowing a wide range of viewpoints to enter the security discussion.

No matter how the job safety analysis is conducted, it is important that the end result is a detailed document that does not omit any conceivable risk. Employers must first decide which tasks warrant a review. Tasks that are considered potentially dangerous are broken down into the steps an employee must take to complete them. For each possible step, the person conducting the analysis must decide what potential security issues might arise at each step in the process.

The final part of a job safety analysis is to decide on the preventive measures available to eliminate the hazards or at least reduce the possibility of causing harm. Once these measures have been decided upon, the analysis is ready to be put into document format. Most of these documents are set up as a chart listing each step in the process. Along with the steps in the document, the risks associated with them and the measures to combat them are identified.

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