What’s Kayaking?

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Kayaking is a recreational sport using specialized boats called kayaks in various waterways. Kayaks have a covered deck and a small hole for the user’s legs. There are different types of kayaking, including recreational, ocean, white water, and surf kayaking. Kayaking requires minimal equipment, including a kayak, paddle, and life jacket. Kayak camping is also a popular way to explore the outdoors.

Kayaking is a recreational sport in which participants use specialized boats called kayaks in a wide variety of waterways. Kayaks are boats that take on a number of forms, depending on the function they are designed for. People can take kayak trips on the ocean, rivers, surf spots and along white waterways. Participants can often have minimal skills and still have a lot of fun. Some people bring kayaks with them when they travel to go kayaking, while others rent kayaks or go on guided kayak trips to a destination.

A kayak is a boat with a covered deck and a small hole for someone to sit in. Subject’s legs are hidden, warm and dry, inside the boat. They were originally designed for use in the Arctic where cold water pouring into a boat could be potentially dangerous to the user. Many traditional kayaks have been custom built for the individual user. Kayaks are propelled by double-bladed oars and can be quite quick and manoeuvrable.

One of the more common types of kayaking is recreational kayaking in rivers and lakes, using large, highly stable kayaks. Because the water is usually relatively calm, people don’t need a lot of experience to enjoy this type of kayak, although packing them for a spill with life jackets is a great idea. More experienced paddlers love ocean kayaking, which involves taking the kayaks out to sea. More complex currents and big waves make this type of kayak more dangerous.

People also use kayaks to go for a run or to navigate white water streams. Both of these types of kayaks require much more skill, along with specialized boats. Another type of kayak that some people enjoy is the surf kayak, designed for use in areas with breaking waves. The kayak is designed to be highly stable and can be used almost like a surfboard to ride the waves. Some companies also produce inflatable kayaks, which can be folded to make your luggage less bulky. There are several variations of the inflatable kayak, including a version that includes an internal frame to make it more stable and safer for ocean use.

The necessary equipment for kayaking is quite minimal. At the base, a paddler needs a kayak, a paddle and a life jacket. For kayak camping trips, dry bags that can be stored in the kayak are extremely useful. Longer kayaks often have a separate hatch for storing gear. Kayak camping is a great way to explore the outdoors from the water, pulling you ashore for hiking, camping, or dining.

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