What’s Low Fat Frosting?

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Low-fat frosting substitutes low-fat cream cheese, milk, or sour cream for butter and traditional higher-fat ingredients. Adding extract flavors and fruit can enhance taste appeal. Popular low-fat frosting recipes include cream cheese and powdered sugar, pudding with skim milk, and a fluffy buttercream frosting with egg white and butter.

The low-fat frosting gives diet people the ability to have their cake and eat it too. No one can deny that grease-soaked frostings and glazes that scream butter, whipped cream, and whole-grain cream cheese are to die for. In fact, there’s a risk of dying for them from all that artery-clogging fat. The solution is low-fat frosting that substitutes low-fat cream cheese, milk or sour cream in addition to butter alternatives.

Most cooks realize that a little fat helps frost the mouthfeel and boosts flavor. Swapping traditional higher-fat ingredients and using a little butter or a butter substitute might not be all that bad, but adding bright or deep flavors like banana, lemon or almond extract can be distracting as well. the diner’s tongue from fat loss. Some cooks like to sprinkle a cake or brownie that’s been iced with low-fat frosting with a handful of bright red raspberries or sliced ​​strawberries for eye and taste appeal.

A very popular frosting that’s super easy to create requires just three ingredients. Low-fat or fat-free cream cheese, whipped with powdered sugar and flavored with a few drops of vanilla extract, is literally icing on the cake. The creative cook may experiment with other extract flavors but will likely find that imitation extracts don’t work as well. In addition to the more common extracts, a quick trip through the Internet reveals dozens of more exotic ones such as white cherry, pear and even champagne. For those watching calories and fat, some confectioner’s sugar may be banned in favor of a sugar substitute.

Another clever low-fat frosting that’s a piece of cake to combine combines pudding with a little skim milk and a packet of powdered dessert topping. Kids love this and will probably want to participate, especially if they can experiment with pudding flavors. The old standbys — chocolate, lemon, and vanilla — are true friends, but a trip to the wild side of pistachio, pumpkin spice, or even peanut butter can yield fantastic results.

A fun, fluffy buttercream frosting that’s deceptively low in fat is easy to whip together. This requires one egg white plus powdered sugar, a splash of water, and just three tablespoons (45 grams) of butter. As with other low-fat frosting recipes, a couple drops of Pure Flavor Extract ramps the flavor from damned to heavenly.

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