What’s Mango Pudding?

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Mango pudding is a popular dessert in China, Thailand, and India. It can be made with fresh or canned mango, gelatin, milk, and sugar. It is often served with Chantilly sweetened condensed milk.

Mango pudding is a type of pudding made from mango fruits that is popular in parts of China, Thailand and India. In China, this pudding is most often found in dim sum restaurants. A refreshingly cold dessert, mango pudding is also easy to make at home.

Gelatin-based mango pudding always includes gelatin, water, and mango. The fruit can be fresh, canned, or a combination of the two. Canned mangoes can sometimes be found whole or in the form of a puree or pulp. However, only high-quality canned fruits should be used in this pudding.

When using fresh mangoes, the fruit must be properly ripe. The mangoes are first peeled and cut and the seeds are removed. After that, they are crushed or blended in a blender for use in jelly.

Coconut powder, whipping cream and sugar are often included in the mango pudding. Sometimes salt and lemon juice are also used. While boiling water is required to properly prepare gelatin, and thus is always included, sometimes recipes may also call for ice-cold water.

Although milk is always used, the type of milk varies. Some recipes call for white milk, others coconut milk, and still others suggest using evaporated milk. Depending on the recipe, whipping cream can sometimes be substituted for all or some of the milk required to create a richer pudding.

To make mango pudding, gelatin and sugar are both added to boiling water and allowed to dissolve. Once melted, the mixture is usually combined with mango puree or mango puree. Then, the other ingredients are also mixed. Some recipes suggest blending the finished product in a blender or food processor for even blending and a smooth texture. When all the ingredients are properly blended, the pudding is placed in a serving dish or serving cups and placed in the refrigerator to chill for at least two to three hours.

Although gelatin and sugar can always dissolve in boiling water, some recipes suggest mixing the other ingredients with cold water in a separate bowl. Then, the mango mixture is combined with the gelatin mixture. Other recipes recommend briefly cooking the mangoes to soften them before using.

Mango pudding is often served with Chantilly sweetened condensed milk. As the name suggests, this Chantilly consists mainly of sweetened condensed milk, cream and salt. Chantilly serves as a rich pudding topper.

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