What’s Mentalism?

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Mentalism is a performing art that uses mental acuity to create the illusion of supernatural abilities such as mind reading and clairvoyance. It has a long history and is often associated with entertainment, but some practitioners claim to have genuine supernatural powers. Mentalism has experienced a resurgence in popularity and can also include psychokinesis.

Mentalism is a collective term for a wide variety of performing arts that all revolve around employing mental acuity to enact what appears to be a sixth sense or harnessing the power of the mind in extraordinary ways. There are a number of supposed mental talents that are included in the mentalism family, including ESP, mind reading, and clairvoyance. Hypnosis is also often included as an example of mentalism.

Many of the disciplines associated with mentalism have a history dating back several centuries. Ancient cultures often have legends about people who were able to harness light or dark forces to bend the laws of nature to their whims. This includes the ability to mentally coerce people into making certain choices, such as falling in love with someone in particular. Many spiritual and religious traditions involve some element of mentalism, ascribing supernatural powers to people who are given special missions by a Supreme Deity or host of deities in order to fulfill their purposes among humanity.

The practice of mentalism is usually associated with entertainment. Mentalists can function as magicians performing seemingly impossible tasks in front of an audience, or a medium who claims to be able to give a hot or cold reading to predict future events in an individual’s life or reveal hidden traits associated with that person. . Hypnotists who exert mind control over subjects are also said to use mental acuity and harness uncanny powers to force their subjects to say or do things they wouldn’t normally do. In general, both the performer and the audience know that the tricks performed on stage are not real, but are carefully crafted presentations designed to amuse all who participate in the performance.

However, there are also mentalists who claim to have supernatural powers and can use the power of their minds to benefit others. In this form, mentalism is seen as exploiting the hidden reserves of the mind that most people are never able to actively exploit and use. This ability to more fully utilize the mind’s resources allows mentalists to pick up on thought patterns over many miles, perceive future events before they occur, and also reconstruct events after they have occurred.

While there are many people who don’t believe that mentalism is anything more than parlor tricks, there has been a resurgence in the acceptance of the possibility that people possess extraordinary mental powers. Along with precognition and the ability to tap into hidden energies to piece together events associated with a particular person or place, mentalism can also take the form of psychokinesis. This particular expression of mental acuity involves the ability to move inanimate objects from one place to another. Currently, mentalists are the subject of many websites, plays and a wide variety of television projects.

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