What’s ProbeWare?

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Probeware is scientific equipment that allows probes to collect and analyze data by interfacing with software and computer systems. It has numerous applications, from interactive labs to long-term field research projects. Probeware provides real-time data, making data analysis easier. It can be used for single procedures or long-term monitoring projects and can interact with various devices. The cost varies depending on the sophistication of the equipment, and buyers should consider their needs and the type of product support offered.

Probeware is scientific equipment that allows probes to interface with software and computer systems for the purpose of collecting, interpreting and analyzing data. There are numerous applications for probeware, ranging from interactive labs for elementary students learning science to sophisticated systems used to collect data in science labs and long-term field research projects. A number of scientific companies make probes and accessories, and some enterprising scientists have even designed their own.

Historically, data collected by laboratory probes had to be logged in a lab book or entered into a computer system by the scientist. This was a somewhat cumbersome system that slowed down the rate at which data could be collected and made data analysis more difficult. With probeware, the probe communicates directly with the computer software, providing real-time data. As the data enters the software, it can be organized and presented in various ways to help researchers interpret it, and the raw data can also be run through various calculations to return useful information.

In a simple probeware example, a student in a science lab could hook a probe into a cylinder filled with a liquid, and the probe could return temperature data as the student performed various experiments. More sophisticated probes could return information about dissolved gases and other data that could be useful. Having the probe record data would allow the student to focus on personal observations and performing the experiment. The probe could also take a huge number of measurements, with students going through them afterwards to look for important information, and the software could analyze the data with graphs, tables and other presentation techniques to help the student understand what happened in the course of the experiment.

In addition to being used for single procedures, probeware can also be used for long-term monitoring projects. For example, probes inserted behind a dam could return constant data on temperature, water flow, silt levels, and so on. This could allow for long-term observations and studies of the conditions under the dam and could also be used for emergency alerts so that dam personnel would know when a problem is emerging. The software can interact with calculators, computers and handheld devices.

The cost of probeware systems varies depending on the sophistication of the software and probes. The more features the equipment has, the more expensive it will generally be. When purchasing probeware, people may want to think about how they are going to use the probes and what they want to achieve. Some other considerations include the computer platforms the probeware interfaces with and the type of product support offered to customers.

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