What’s RPO?

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Recruitment process outsourcing involves outsourcing human resource management tasks to a third-party vendor, saving time and resources for companies. It can include all aspects of candidate management and recruitment, and is becoming a separate service from traditional employment agencies.

Recruitment process outsourcing refers to a type of business process outsourcing (BPO) tailored specifically to human resource management tasks. When hiring new employees, human resources personnel must screen and screen candidates, match their skill sets to the appropriate job titles, interview prospective employees, and submit selected candidates for employment orientation and documentation. These steps involve the recruitment process in its entirety. Outsourcing all or part of such tasks to a third party vendor is considered outsourcing of the recruitment process.

In the early days of business process outsourcing, it was not uncommon for companies to use an employment agency or human resources company to provide temporary staff or manage the screening process for large groups of workers. This outsourcing was the first step towards outsourcing the recruitment process. Agencies provided companies with lists of potential employees who met certain criteria established by human resources or operations managers. In recent decades, the convenience of outsourcing the recruitment process has resulted in increased demand for additional services such as background and reference checks, fitness or suitability for work verification, consultations on improving the hiring process, as well as personality and work style.

For many companies and organizations, hiring a third party to handle candidate management and recruitment is more cost-effective than employing a large human resources department. Using the concept of outsourcing recruitment processes saves valuable man hours, human capital and organizational resources. Rather than spending a large portion of an organization’s budget on candidate search and selection, the organization can outsource to another company whose sole purpose is candidate attraction and selection. Many of these organizations have fine-tuned recruiting systems capable of automatically searching multiple resume or talent databases looking for specific criteria.

Companies have the option of outsourcing all or part of the recruitment process. A third-party vendor may simply offer a list of potential candidates who meet organizational criteria for selected positions. Alternatively, the supplier can take over all aspects of human resource management, including aptitude testing and skills assessment, pre-employment drug selection, and orientation for new hires. In terms of business process outsourcing, handing over the task of processing recruits is one of the most outsourced tasks alongside customer support services, thus offering a wide range of options tailored to specific industries, organization size or task description. .

Today, the increased demand for recruitment process outsourcing has resulted in major differences between the employment agencies and recruitment companies of yesteryear and the recruitment process management providers of today. Professional organizations are now looking to identify recruitment process outsourcing as a separate service from recruitment agencies. To differentiate the two services, many recruitment process service providers offer to take over not only the responsibilities of selecting and managing candidates, but take over the entire human resources department. As such, the service provider is able to design better and more accurate recruitment systems to better meet the needs of the organization.

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